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Our Process




In the traditional method of developing a home, an owner contacts an architect to design the project, which would then be priced by contractors who have no input. This leads the owner to paying an architect again for a redesign in hope of finding a price within their budget. This is not cost effective, smart or efficient. It takes a master to coordinate the elements of a properly designed home to ensure that it gets done right.

Niksi Construction Process.gif

Spearhead & Lead Development:

  • We find the right property to purchase, renovate or build

  • Create a Return On Investment prospectus

  • Provide FULL DEVELOPMENT and spearhead the project from start to finish

  • Welcome and find spec homes and development opportunities

  • Bring in the right architect specific to the project

  • Document existing conditions, floor plans and elevations

  • Zoning, code and cost analysis and budget development

  • Establish design vision



  • Assemble a team of professionals for project specific needs

  • Develop floor plans, exterior elevations, sections, interior elevations

  •  Select finishes, materials and do showroom visits

  • Get subcontractor quotes and further budget development

  •  Solidify final design scheme, detail specifications, and revise fixed cost estimates

  • Full design-build and interior design services for each project

  •  Permit acquisition is done by independent permit expediters


Project Management

  • Management services from start to finish, with an emphasis on communication between all professionals

  • Zero in on economical, green and timesaving project solutions

  • Leverage multiple projects to ensure the highest quality workmanship and materials

  • Solve problems before they happen

Let's Work Together

Our commitment is maintained in providing unique design, exceptional craftsmanship, unsurpassed project management and customer service. 

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